Bathmate Reviews – Does it work?

Bathmate is a penis hydro pump which will increase the size and thickness of your penis permanently. The manufacturer states that their pump is the most effective on market. And yes, It is the most popular choice when it comes to penis enlargement. But as we know, popularity doesn’t necessary also mean effectiveness. Does BathMate actually work? Are results permanent?

My name is Thomas and I created this review to document my experiences using BathMate penis pump. Initially I created this blog only to answer questions I received from my friends.

Why I chose BathMate?

However, this post got shared quite a lot so I decided to create in-depth review providing as much info as possible so you could decide whether to buy BathMate or not.
Before actually using BathMate, I had ordered two other penis pumps before. Yeah, they were cheaper, but soon I found out why.

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They all were vacuum based which basically means that a vacuum creates a suction and thus puts a pressure on penis. Sounds simple? However, the first pump simply failed to create any vacuum at all. The second pump created a vacuum, but I really didn’t like the feeling and after the second use blisters started to appear. So I nearly gave up this penis pump idea, but after a few days I found out about BathMate penis pump.

Unlike other pumps, BathMate uses water which creates even and gentle pressure. Finally I decided to place an order since it came with money back guarantee.

After a few days I received my package and was pleasantly surprised. The pump looked way better than previous ones I bought. The construction was solid so I immediately gave it a try. I filled it with water and attached it.

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How does it work?

Unlike those other 2 pumps I had used before, this one was truly a pleasant surprise. Because Bathmate works by using water pressure the blister problem was gone. You feel a gentle pressure which you can easily control. Water also lubricates your penis making the pumping exercises comfy.


bathmate penis pumpAfter the first use I immediately noticed initial effect. The pump works in two ways:

1) Since the pump creates a pressure the blood flow increases. This made my penis bigger immediately after the first use. With so much blood, my penis became huge – I had never seen such changes before.  And yes, I noticed these results while my penis was still flaccid. When it was erect, it was even bigger – both in length and girth. This stage continues for about 2-3 hours. After that, the initial effect starts to disappear. However, this stance is fantastic if you want to satisfy your partner. Just make some pumping before and have a great time. This stage is crucial and starts second growth stage:

2) Although temporary results are great, you probably want to know whether the results are permanent. Yes, I achieved permanent results as well. While the initial effect disappear after a few hours(first stage), each time you do the BathMate pumping the penis itself stretches. And when it does, the space between fills with new tissue thus giving length and girth increase.

BathMate Results

So, I used BathMate for 7 months, every day(with some exceptions). Each pumping session continued for about 7 minutes. This is how it looked:

  • 3 minutes of pumping;
  • 30 seconds of resting.
  • 3 minutes of pumping;
  • 30 seconds of resting.

As you can see, I did some resting between. And as I noticed and learned from manual, it is important since it takes about 30 seconds for the fresh blood to arrive. After the session I usually just put on a small layer of generic body cream. Although I didn’t face with any bruising, I found out that the body cream gave a nice warm feeling.

Each month I monitored my progress and after 7 months the length was increased by .80 inches while the penis got .5 inches thicker. And yes, these are permanent results which start to appear about one month of using.


Are you still using BathMate?

Although I haven’t lost any size increase, every other day I do some pumping just to keep the results solid.

Which Bathmate model to order?

bathmate_penis_deviceSince I was on budget, I bought BathMate Hercules(without any additions). Of course, there are other models available but I personally don’t see it worth buying something expensive as Hercules provided me with all the comfort I needed. Also, as manufacturer has even stated on their official website some other models like HydroMax X30 and HydroMax Extreme and BathMate Goliath are still in beta testing stage and their aren’t as complete as classic BathMate Hercules.

So, if you have a small or regular penis choose Hercules as I did, but if you have bigger dick consider Goliath.

Where to buy BathMate?

To avoid any scams, I strongly suggest you to order from THIS website. It’s their official USA site.

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